Engine / Base Weights

N/A Small Block -

-Any Inline Cast Cylinder head, single four cast Intake with single carb / TB - 2600 lbs.

- Single four sheet metal / billet intake - Add 50 lbs.

- Dual four / tunnel ram intakes - Add 25 lbs.

- Canted valve heads - Add 100 lbs.

- All Blocks and Heads must retain factory bore spacing

N/A Big Block STANDARD deck - 2975 lbs.

N/A Big Block Tall Deck - 3025 lbs.

- Any engine over 9.800” is considered Tall Deck

- Conventional layout/valve angle Heads ONLY for these entries / weights

- Production Cast single carb intake manifolds ONLY, sheet metal manifolds prohibited

- All Blocks and Heads must retain factory bore spacing

- Dry Sump Oiling Systems Permitted - ADD 50 lbs

- Cast Tunnel Ram Intakes on Big Block Conventional Headed NA Combos with Cast single-4 Top Permitted - ADD 25 lbs

N/A Big Block Chevy NON-STANDARD Valve Angle Heads i.e. – Any style BIG CHIEF, Brodix SR-20...etc.

- 9.800” Deck - 3025 lbs.

- 10.200” Deck - 3225 lbs.

-Production Cast single carb intake manifolds ONLY, sheet metal/tunnel ram intake manifolds Prohibited

- Billet Heads Prohibited

- All Blocks and Heads must retain factory bore spacing

- Dry Sump Oiling Systems Permitted - ADD 50 lbs

N/A Big Block BOP Entries - 2850lbs

- Factory bore space blocks and heads ONLY

- Dry Sump permitted

- Billet / Sheet Metal Intakes - ADD 50lbs

Nitrous Small Block -

- Inline Stock Valve Angle Heads – 3000 lbs

- Inline Heads NON- SVA , SBF 20* Hi-Port , SBC 23* Raised Runner and all LS7 heads– 3125 lbs

- Canted Valve ETP C5-R, SB2, Yates C3 – 3150lbs

- Canted Valve Blue Thunder 4.3, Edelbrock SC1, CID BELS-7 inline - 3175 lbs

- 8.2 deck SBF Nitrous - Deduct 100 lbs.

- Single stage nitrous systems ONLY

- Plate systems restricted to jet style plates ONLY, nitrous puck systems PROHIBITED

- Cross bar plates legal with jet restriction to equal same max tune-up of single entry plates

- Commercially available plates only, no custom plates

- If running cross bar plate and only using one set of bars, second set of spray bars must be capped off and will be strictly enforced.

- Fogger systems permitted with jet restriction to equal same tune-ups as plate systems

- Fogger jets must be accessible for jet checking

- EFI Dry Fogger nitrous systems may only run one nitrous jet per cylinder, split jetting prohibited

- 1 Fuel solenoid, 1 Nitrous solenoid and 1 purge solenoid only for all plate systems.

- Fogger systems permitted one dedicated nitrous and fuel solenoid per side of engine.

- Nitrous purge line must exit engine bay to outside of vehicle and hood area

- EFI Dry Nitrous Applications- Limited to one bar on single entry plates and 2 bars on cross bar plate. All other bars and solenoids must be capped off.

- One 10lb. or 15lb. bottle permitted only

- Digital Progressives permitted

- Sheet metal / Billet intakes permitted

- Nitrous pusher systems prohibited

- Cold nitrous systems prohibited



Conventional valve angle inline heads – 120 Jet

Inline heads NON-SVA, SBF 20* Hi-Port, SBC 23* Raised Runner and all LS7 heads – 120 Jet

Canted valve and all other heads – 98 Jet


Conventional Valve angle inline heads – 82 Jet

Inline heads NON-SVA, SBF 20* Hi-Port, SBC 23* Raised Runner and all LS7 heads – 82 Jet

Canted valve and all other heads – 66 Jet


Conventional valve angle inline heads - 40 Jet

Inline heads NON-SVA, SBF 20* Hi-Port, SBC 23* Raised Runner and all LS7 heads - 40 Jet

Canted Valve and all other heads - 34 Jet

-Nitrous Jets will be checked after every round of eliminations after rolling across scales with official pin gauge. Fogger jets will be checked by pulling two different jets at random after each round. If any Jets are found in violation the competitor and vehicle will be disqualified and lose all points for entire race…NO EXCEPTIONS

Boosted Small Block

Turbocharger Rules and Base Weights

- Maximum Single T76mm Turbo -

- T6 - 76mm Cast Wheel - 3200 lbs - Compressor wheel limited to 76mm Ind x 116mm Exd - Turbine wheel limited to max 96.2mm Ind x 88.3mm Exd
- T4 - 76mm Billet Wheel - 3125 lbs - Compressor wheel limited to 76.71mm Ind x 102.36 mm Exd - Turbine wheel limited to 89.54mm x 84.70mm Exd
- T4 - 76mm Cast Wheel - 3125 lbs - Compressor wheel limited to 76mm Ind x 116mm Exd - Turbine wheel limited to 87.37mm Ind x 81.74mm Exd
- T4 – 76mm Cast Wheel - 3275 lbs - Compressor wheel limited to 76mm Ind x 116 Exd - Turbine wheel limited to 96.9mm Ind X 88.9mm Exd
- T6 Billet Wheel PROHIBITED

- Non Frontal Air Combos - Deduct 50lbs

- V-band turbine housings PROHIBITED, 4-bolt T-4 and T-6 Flanges ONLY

- All Turbochargers limited to mid frame GT47-76, S400 type chassis

- Coyote turbo combos must still adhere to T-4 turbo specs listed above

Supercharger Rules and Base Weights

- Maximum Procharger F1-A-91, Gen 1 F1-C, Vortech V7 - YSI (Cast Wheel) – 3200 lbs

- Whipple 4.5L - 3250 lbs

- Maximum 8:71 roots style blower - 3100 lbs

- Billet Roots Blowers PROHIBITED

- ProCharger F1-A - 3050 lbs

- Procharger D1-X, Vortech V7 JT-trim or Paxton Novi 2000 - 3000 lbs

- Non frontal air combos – Deduct 25 lbs

- Vortech Billet Wheel YSI PROHIBITED

- Vortech Billet wheel JT Trim PROHIBITED

- Procharger Gen 2 F1-C-94 and F1-A-94 PROHIBITED

- Gear Drives Permitted

- Belt Driven SuperChargers - Deduct 50 lbs

Intercooler Types Permitted For All Boosted Combos  

- Non Intercooled Combos – Deduct 75 lbs

- Air to Air intercoolers - NO Adjustment

- Air to Water intercoolers - ADD 125 lbs

Boosted Cylinder Head and Intake Rules

- Inline Stock valve angle production heads only

- Non SVA and Canted valve heads PROHIBITED

- SBF 20* Hi-port and SBC 23* Raised Runner Heads - ADD 50 lbs

- LS-7 heads - ADD 75 lbs

- Sheet metal intakes permitted on modular ford and Import entries only – ADD 50lbs

- Ford Modular 2 and 3 valve combos - Deduct 150 lbs

- Ford Modular 4 valve (excluding Coyote 4V) – Deduct 25lbs


- Inline 6 Cylinder boosted combos Base weight – 3200lbs

- Inline 4 Cylinder boosted combos Base Weight – 2900lbs

- Nitrous PROHIBITED on 4 and 6 cylinder boosted combos

- Billet Blocks permitted – ADD 50 lbs

Other Engine / Induction Rules

- Conventional head valve angles – (* = degree)

SBC – 23*

LS – 15*  

BBC – 24*

SBF – 20*

BBF – 15*

SB Chrysler – 18*

BB Chrysler – 15*

Oldsmobile - 18*

- Stock Block SBF and SBC Combos - Deduct 100 lbs

- Stock Block LS – Deduct 25 lbs

- Boosted Big Blocks and Nitrous Big Blocks prohibited

- One Power Adder ONLY, Nitrous used for intercooler cooling purposes or Spooling Turbos prohibited

- Any Aftermarket EFI Permitted

- Digital Ignitions permitted

- Must have functional front end mounted radiator cooling system

- All intake manifolds with the exception of N/A small block, Nitrous Small Block and modular ford applications must be an as cast style manifold

- Radius Bells and Race Covers on superchargers and turbos PROHIBITED




- Stock Style Suspension, must retain factory chassis location pickup points

- Ladder Bar suspension permitted, 4-link suspension prohibited

- Shock relocation permitted

- Mini-tubbing permitted, full tubbed and back halved cars prohibited

- Cars must retain factory frame rails from firewall back in factory locations, notched rear frame rails permitted for tire clearance

- Front Frame rails may be modified forward of shock towers to accommodate tubular core supports and radiator/fuel cell mounting, shock tower cars must retain full shock towers in factory location and factory k-member pick up points. Notching for header clearance permitted.

- Aftermarket Vehicle Specific BOLT IN front K-member and front suspension permitted

- Smith Racecraft, Heidts, CA Chassis Works or any variation bolt in sub frame front ends permitted with prior approval from MPC

- Wheelie bars prohibited

Fuels Permitted

- Pump Gas, E85, Race Gas ONLY

- Methanol and Nitro PROHIBITED

Tires Permitted *NO EXCEPTIONS*

- Any 275 Radial allowed or 28 x 10.5 NON “W” slick

- M/T 3559 275 Radial R-tire – Deduct 25 lbs

- M/T 3052R 26x8.5 – Deduct 75 lbs

- M/T 3453 ET Street Radial – Deduct 75lbs - 29.5 x 10.5 NON “W” SLICK (non-radial) Limited to NA combos only


- Stock appearing

- All cars must have OEM style body panels

- The Only fiberglass / carbon fiber permitted is the hood, doors, front fenders, bumpers and all rear hatch/deck lid/trunk lids. all entries must retain factory exact roof and rear quarter panels

- Cowl hoods Permitted on all entries

- Forward facing hood scoops prohibited unless factory equipped

- Optic Armor / Pro-Glass permitted. Factory appearance must be upheld, no visible mounting screws or rivets may be seen and factory window trim must be re installed and properly in place

- Must have working Head lights and tail lights

- Maximum 17” rear trunk mounted wing measured off back of trunk

- Parachutes Permitted and required for ET of Vehicle

- Stickers, logos and decals limited to windows only, no decals permitted on body panels

- Radius inlet molded bumper covers for boosted applications Permitted – ADD 50lbs


- Must be factory appearing

- Must have two front seats

- Must retain factory appearing dash, carbon or fiber glass dash OK, aluminum / sheet metal dashes prohibited

- Must have carpet

Other rules

- Must run mufflers, Turbo entries do not have to run mufflers.
- Fender exit exhaust permitted, Must exit of the side of fender or bumper cover, Bull horns PROHIBITED. Up Pipe exit Permitted on inline engine combos ONLY but must be cut flush with hood.
- Supercharger Compressor housings and Turbocharger Compressor and Turbine housings must be removed for tech inspection and will be sealed after. If seal is found broken during tech, the supercharger or turbo must be re-inspected before competition.
-Every car and driver will be required to go across scale upon after every qualifying and elimination round. If round winner is found in violation of rules after round win, they will be disqualified and loser will advance to next round as long as they are not in violation as well. If both cars are in violation, both cars will be disqualified from race.
-Class will be run 1/8th mile heads up .400 pro tree
-Must have current license, chassis certification and safety equipment for vehicles E.T.
-Must adhere to all general track rules. In Addition, in reference to a double red light fault during eliminations, the first is worst rule will be implemented so the first red light will be automatic loser.
- Minimum ET for Class is 7.50 second 1/8th mile

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